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The Mace Family Reunion started many years ago on the second weekend of August 1953 in the pasture of the home place on Canada Cross Road. It is currently hosted every other year, on the 4th weekend of July. Stanford B. Mace, along with some of his siblings, strongly felt that the reunions should be held only in MS, the home state. To this day, it has only been held once outside of the state of Mississippi. This reunion was held in Memphis, TN in 1982.

The Sunday services were held at New Oak Ridge M.B. Church where most of the family members were once members. To this day, there is still representation of the Mace family in the New Oak Ridge M.B. Church's membership. A collection for the upkeep of the Henry Cemetery has always been taken at family reunion church services.


July 23 - 25, 2021 

Edwards, MS 

Details can be found on the family Facebook page

Are you on Facebook, and you are a direct descendant of George & Queen Esther Mace? Click the link below to join the family group. PRIVATE GROUP "The Mace Family Reunion 2021" 

*The Family Reunion Facebook Group was created and is managed by 5th and 6th generation Mace descendants Brenda Jo Smith Davis and Lauren Smith Berry.



George & Esther Mace Scholarship Foundation awards educational scholarships to  graduating high school seniors  who are descendants of the George and Esther Mace Family.  The George & Esther Mace Scholarship was founded by Ethel Elaine Mace who began with an idea of collecting and saving pennies to express the importance of raising monies to support family high school graduates with a goal of seeking enrollment into institutions of higher learning.  Later, her great-niece, Frankie Elaine Faulkner-Pellerin joined in the Co-Founder role circa 1986. In her role, Frankie Elaine formalized the foundation efforts by writing the Scholarship By-Laws with the assistance of her husband Jerome Joseph Pellerin. Through this partnership Ethel Elaine and Frankie Elaine were able to further spark the interest of other family members and garner more financial support for the scholarship. 


Frankie Elaine currently serves as the President and surviving founder of the George & Esther Mace Scholarship Foundation. Ethel Elaine passed away in 2020, at age 91, and in her honor we keep this mission going.

*Only direct Mace descendants are eligible for this scholarship. Details can be found on the family Facebook page.

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