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For many years, the Mace Family elders were dedicated to their legacy and prided themselves on meticulously preserving, documenting and sharing their family history. For example, in the late 90s the Stanford B. Mace descendants hosted a family reunion where a collage of photos chronicling key moments and people in the family's history was presented on a large 30ft reel. Over the years this reel turned into a key artifact that was passed down throughout the family. Dr. Wilma Jean Wade, Florence Prentiss Burks, Narbell Burks Clark and Ethel Mace paid special attention to ensure that this artifact was preserved and displayed for many years at family functions.


In the same vein of sharing family history, various generations of family members have conducted extensive research for academic purposes to share with the masses throughout the years, including Alvin O’Neal Jackson, Frankie Elaine Faulkner Pellerin, and Jeremy Smith (amongst others). Queen Esther Mace Jackson was known for taking the stage during family reunions to share the history, display her artifacts and to sell her homemade quilts...her spirit and love for family lives within this project.

In 2015, Melba Faulkner Kennedy, an education administrator and 6th generation Mace descendant, created the first Mace Family Pop-Up Museum to formally share artifacts, stories and pictures during George & Queen Esther Mace family reunions.


In 2020, the COVID-19 worldwide shutdown, the national protests for racial equality and social justice, and the loss of several elders spearheaded the need to formalize these storytelling efforts online. LaShãda DiCosmo, a corporate digital executive and 7th generation Mace descendant, decided to design and implement a digital landscape compiling all of the family information in the form of a virtual family museum in order to encapsulate the Mace family history beginning with the first known documented ancestor, Harriet Mozique.

LaShãda and Melba are the founders of the Mace Family Museum however the success of these projects were and are dependent on the input and participation of all family members. The people who appear below were crucial to the success of this particular project by serving as representatives for numerous members of the Mace family.


Support Committee

Frankie E. Faulkner Pellerin
Tamara Allen
Wanda Jones
Lynette O’Neal
Jeffery O’Neal Jr.
Wilma Jean Wade
Christopher Wade
Gloria Jean Mace Morrison
Regina Mace Crowder
Loretta Williams
Chauncey Prentiss
Brenda Jo Smith Davis
Jeremy Durrell Smith
Clarice Bridges
Sheila Cohen
Tahari Allen
Justin Kennedy
Anthony Mace Sr.
Anthony Mace Jr.
Tena Mace
Glenda Pearl Mace Taylor

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