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Clara Mace Winston



Clara Mace WInston

Source: Lynette O'Neal

Clara Mace Winston, the third child of George and Esther Mace, was born October 17, 1913 in Panther Burn MS, in Washington County. Clara was one who had a mind of her own. She wanted the better things in life and decided to go out and pursue them.


At an early age, she moved to Vicksburg MS where she met Jim Winston, fell in love and married him. They had no biological children of their own. However, she and Jim were there to help her youngest brother with his children. Huey’s daughter Alma Jean, also known as Lynette, was sickly. Jim took a liking to this child and would bring her home with him every evening and take her back to her mother, Berdia Mae, every morning. Later, Clara and Jim adopted Lynette as their own daughter. 

Clara was determined to mentor and help her siblings.  She also wanted them to have a better life. It was very important to her to make sure that her siblings had whatever they needed.

She was a domestic worker and she made the very best of it.  She used her experience to deal with the diversity and racism that she encountered.  Clara used her earnings wisely, always saving some of what she earned. She loved baking, especially her fruit cakes, during the holiday season.

Her standards of excellence revealed itself with whatever she decided to take on, including her stylish appearance. Her impeccable work ethic manifested itself, especially in her own home. On October 18, 1965 she won nine blue ribbons for her quilt designs at the county fair.

Clara belonged to several social clubs and served as president of the Beautification Club at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. She loved a beautiful yard with roses and other flowers. She enjoyed entertaining and hosting quilting partings. She was a member of the Select Twelve, and every month they would hold a luncheon at each other’s homes.  She really enjoyed showing off her baby brother to her friends in the club, and would make sure he made some rolls to bring to her events. 

Clara loved her son in law, Jeff O’Neal and boasted about her grandson, Jeffery.  Clara died in February, 2002 at the age of 88. She leaves a legacy of love and excellence.


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